• Do you take special large quantity orders on the items listed on your website?
    Yes, we do. Please allow about 30 ~ 60 days to complete the order. 30% of the total invoice of the special order amount has to be pre-charged and non-refundable as the deposit for special orders. Please contact us for more information or certain request on special orders either by email, feedbacks on our website, or by phone and fax.
  • Can I fax my orders? Do you have order form available?
    Yes, you can place orders via fax .

  • What kind of Payment method do you accept?
    Payment can be made to us using one of the following methods:

    By Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover 
    . Please Click here to download Purchase Order Agreement along with credit cardholder authorization form we have prepared for your convenience. Any attempt to use stolen credit cards or credit card numbers will be reported to the FBI or the RCMP. We will supply the authorities with information needed to prosecute the thief.
    Send us Money Order or Cashier´s Check  to our USA head office

  • How can I get tracking numbers for my orders and track the update status of my order?
    To track the status of your orders or get tracking numbers, please log in your account and on the left hand side of the screen, you will see "Order Status".  When you click on that, a list of your orders will show up. If your order has been shipped out, you will see a tracking number on the order form. Clicking on the tracking number will pop-up UPS (or other carriers) tracking window which tells you the update shipping status.
  • Is this a wholesale only website?
    Yes, this is an online wholesale only website. We do not sell retail to end users.
  • Do you have minimum order quantity requirement?
    No, you can order any quantity you wish.  However the total value of your order has to meet minimum amount requirement: $100.00 US dollars. To open a new account, the first order must be at least $500.00.
  • I have problem to check out with my computer. What shall I do?
    In case you have problem to check out with your computer, please try the following:
    1. The verification code is case sensitive, please assure your correct typing. 
    2. Sign out and then sign in again. 
    3. Restart your computer and try again 
    4. Try a different computer if available. 
    5. Place order at a different time. Our website server might be under maintenance coincidentally at this time. 
    6. Make sure your browser Pop-Up setting does not block our website. 
    7. If all mentioned above do not work, then please place orders via fax at 562-531-8626. For your convenience, PURCHASE ORDER FORM in PDF format has been prepared for you to download.